Hi we're Our Time Down Here, thanks for stopping by our page. We've been together now for almost 4 years, in that time we self released an EP which was then re-released on Banquet records, toured all over the UK and went over to Europe and made new friends in places we never imagined we'd get to see.

We've been lucky enough to play shows and even tour with some of our favourite bands including The Steal, Deez Nuts, Comeback kid, Bane, Paint It Black, Agnostic Front, H2O, Ruiner, Set Your Goals, A Wilhelm Scream, This Is Hell, Dead Swans, Gold Kids, Have Heart, Cobra Sculls, Shook Ones, Rise & Fall, Terror and Ceremony to name just a few.

Last year we finally put out a full length called 'Live. Love. Let go.' on Banquet records which we recorded with Peter Miles and which features guest vocals from our friends Mark Pavey (the steal) John Fold (The Don Ramos Players) and the Sonic Boom Six gang vocal choir (Sonic Boom Six).

It's had really some lovely reviews but aside from some mixed dates with H20 and Spraynard, it has been really hard to set aside time to tour the last few months since the records release.

This is about to change as we begin to tour a whole hell of a lot more consistently from mid July onwards. We're hoping to play everywhere and anywhere and make a lot more trips abroad.

We're always looking for places to play, so please get in touch if you're interested in booking us at your show/house.

We're in the process now of recording two new songs which we hope will be yet another progression in our sound, so keep a heads up!

Thanks again for checking us out dudes.

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21me NUITS DE L'ENTREPT, le samedi 03/05/2008 (Entrepôt & Hall Polyvalent)