The Band are:

- Ken Brandenburger aka Kenny B. Jimi (Guitars and Hendrix-Vocals),

origins: luxembourgish and urugaian

with BLUE SHADE since the very beginning (October 2002). His guitar playing is very bluesy and there are lots of influences of Rock in it. He played with several other bands before. His influences reach from Blues to Rock and Funk.

- Patrick Gerges aka Jesus Parker (Saxophone):

origin: luxembourgish

with BLUE SHADE since summer 2005. He is the main saxophone played at the Luxembourgish Jazz Orchestra and is member with the jazz-band Bebop.

- Jerome Klein aka Jay Charles (Keyboard, Hammond Organ, background vocals):

origin: french

with BLUE SHADE since spring 2005. Very known for his skills in the Luxembourgish music scene and around, he has played in lots of jazz, funk and pop bands and also in several major musicals.

- Christophe Maas (Drums):

origin: luxembourgish

with BLUE SHADE since summer 2005. He is a very experienced drummer and plays since his childhood. His style goes from Funk to Jazz, over to modern music but the deeps roots lay in the pure Rock n Roll.

- Alessandro Unfer aka Al Scarface Giovanni (Bass):

origins: Italian and luxembourgish

with the band since the very beginning (October 2002). He has a very funky style of playing the bass and has played with several other bands in Luxembourg.

BLUE SHADE have appeared on lots of radio music stations such as:

RTL Radio Luxembourg ; Radio ARA ; 100,7 Kulturradio ; Eldoradio ; Radio LRB and more.

The band reached the 2nd place at the Emergenza Newcomer Festival 2005 and played on major Luxembourgish Festivals such as the Rock um Knuedler Festival 2005 , the E-Lake Festival 2005 , the Blues n Jazz Rallye 2006 , as well as support act for Sandra Hall on a Blues Club Luxembourg event and on the Blues Express Festival 2005 and 2006.

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The CD:

Title: Director's cut


Director's cut is a Concept-CD. BLUE SHADE are telling a story throughout the songs and keep them connected by continuing the story while talking in a bar between the songs.

The story is about DeeperT Harrin joining the rest of the band in a bar who haven't seen him for over 20 years, and tells them that he wants to do a movie. The story in that movie would be treating about a man who wants to leave his old life behind him and wants to start everything by new. A main factor in the story is a beautiful woman. But in the end the story takes a major turn, and the band realizes, that DeeperT Harrin is actually talking about is own life.

The songs are mainly blues-rock, but there are also funk, jazzpop and bossa songs.

Total playing time: 42 min

Tracks: 10


1) The Gathering (1:36)

2) On The Train (4:40)

3) No Woman No Style (4:10)

4) Hot Wheels (4:29)

5) Mona Lisa (6:13)

6) Groaning Blues (2:57)

7) Red Lights (7:32)

8) Secret Island (4:39)

9) The Revelation (1:18)

10) The Keys (4:24)

Special Guests on the CD:

Louise Goudkamp (Choir, angry Woman)

Lynn Mohr (Choir)

Lilou Bohyn (Choir)

All songs composed by BLUE SHADE

Produced by BLUE SHADE

Engineered by Charel Stoltz

Mastered at Wynterstreet Studios, London (UK)

Photos : Anna Lindström

Design: David Vroye


Blue Night, le vendredi 13/10/2006 (L'Entrepôt)