Darkness Dynamite was formed in January 2007 by Zack, Alexandre, and Eddie, respectively, guitar player, drummer, and singer. The line-up was later completed by the addition of Chris on bass, and Nelson as lead guitar.
The band recorded their first EP ‘ Through the Ashes of the wolves ‘ in June 2007. This release overhelms both fans and critics, and Darkness Dynamite soon signed a distribution deal with Musicat to reach a broader audience.

Combining a strong musical technique with a delicate sense of image, the band sells out the first pressing of the EP. Touring starts, and Darkness Dynamite shares the stage with bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Maroon, Architects, Job For A Cowboy, Shaped By Fate and The Chariot.
Selling out show after show, either headlining or being the first act. Their new born legacy makes them reach high figures of online plays, that only big international bands usually have.

In 2008, Darkness Dynamite decides to take things a step higher, and starts the composition of their first album. As the composition goes, a few artistic feuds begins to rise between the band and Eddie, who is later, asked to leave the band. Darkness Dynamite welcomes in Junior Rodriguez to replace Eddie on the vocals. This new blood brings the extra creativity the band was starving for. Music starts flowing again, but stronger, clear lines are drawn, and the artistic direction won't be stopped.

Darkness Dynamite integrates all of the modern metal flavours but takes inspiration from 80's metal with references such as Metallica, Guns n' roses, Pantera, and Sepultura. Their new vocal signature opens them a brand new horizon : heavy metal, rock, power metal….METAL.
After 5 months of intensive work with composition and pre-production, the recording process can finally start in August 2008.
To make sure the sonic emphasis can reach the level the band expected, a few producers are chosen :
- Stéphane Buriez records the guitars ( Loudblast, Black Bomb A, L'Esprit du Clan)
- Olivier at Elektricbox Studio, Lille, records the drums (Borderline, Aceout, Monroe est Morte)
- The mixing and mastering duties are handled with great talent by Remyboy at Ahddenteam Studio, Lille, (Mats & Morgans, Demians, Syn, Rodrigue)

This record masters the Art of Metal. Delivering sonic assaults from death metal, breath taking guitar leads, catchy choruses to make stadiums scream. Darkness Dynamite succeeded in bringing the genre into a whole new ground. The perfect combination of pure agression with the most sophisticated melodic arrangements.
You think you've already heard it, you think that this is just another modern metal band.
But where all these other bands just seem to follow a recipe, Darkness Dynamite creates to be unique and ahead amongst the others.

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