"The Big Sleep is a New York City-based three-piece. It's just drums, guitar, and bass, but oh how the members put it all together—and their music doesn't sound like Mogwai, Russian Circles, or Godspeed You Black Emperor. They pick up where the Verve could have gone with the wig-outs on its first two records, or where shoegazers like Slowdive only hinted at going. Throw in some heavy riffs and layers of My Bloody Valentine-drizzled haze, and that's the sound of the Big Sleep's take on (mostly) instrumental songs. When Sonya Balchandani's (bass and vocals) voice slithers over the cacophony, it's chilling. Her voice is thick and lustrous, the lyrics rolling like velvet off her tongue.... The songs sound quite dark but with an energy that crackles bright and warm..."   Prefix Magazine

"It's not often that an album arrives out of the blue - with no hype attached - and simply floors you. But that's exactly what The Big Sleep's debut 'Son Of The Tiger' has done to RS. This Brooklyn, NY, trio have produced one hell of a record that intersperses moody atmospheric instrumental tracks with some ghostly vocals courtesy of bassist Sonya Balchandani."   Rock Sound (UK)

"I always imagined the whole point of events like CMJ was to discover music you hadn't heard before, but my luck hasn't been too good the past two years. Pulling into Pianos as part of the Frenchkiss showcase, The Big Sleep were my pleasant surprise of the night. The Brooklyn-based trio banged out muscular avant-rock textures with a totally bonkers Mick Fleetwood bugeye drummer who did those Zep things Dom Leone loves and a guitarist as content to hash out blues riffs (over bassist Sonya Balchandani's teutonic drone) as ear-splitting electronic noise. It would've been next to impossible to buy beer in this sardines-packt crowd, so at least the music was pretty kickass."   Pitchfork

"Brooklyn band The Big Sleep has earned a reputation as a face-melting hard-rock act, but that's not the whole story. Menacing bass lines, riveting feedback and searing guitar sequences make up the trio's basic vocabulary, but as its debut, Son of the Tiger (Frenchkiss), reveals, the group tempers its sludgy tendencies with shoegaze-style effects and psych adventures. The result is a rare hybrid of dreamy and heavy, a sound that is somehow vile and soothing at once. The band's monstrous live show is a transporting experience.... Illuminated from the floor as if playing in a creepy, lantern-lit barn, the threesome is deceptively powerful. Building slowly on a simple bass line or an unassuming synth effect, they eventually assault the room with a wall of jagged noise that escalates even further with guitarist Danny Barria's soaring solos. And then, the decibel level abates, gradually lowering to mellow grooves that frame bassist Sonya Balchandani's blunt, understated vocals. Even though its high-low roller coaster scrambles the stomach as thoroughly as a metal band might, the Big Sleep shows just how delicate the heavy stuff can be." Time Out NY

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